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The Herbal Of Dioscorides The Greek
Book One: Aromatics

Tess Anne Osbaldeston,
translator and editor

Suggested: Iris germanica [Fuchs, Brunfels, Linnaeus] Iris vulgaris Germanica sive sylvestris [Bauhin] -- German Iris, Blue Flower de Luce, Flowering Ring
Iris is named because of its resemblance to the rainbow in heaven...They are all warming and reduce the intensity of symptoms. They are suitable against coughs and reduce the intensity of thick mucus that is hard to get up. Seven teaspoonfuls of a decoction (taken as a drink in honey...

Suggested: Amomum cardamom -- Cardamom
A Cardamom decoction of (taken as a drink with water) is able to heat. It is good for those who have illness comitralis [possibly from comites -- veins, arteries adjacent to nerves --mitralism -- lesions on the heart], coughs, sciatica, paralysis, hernias, convulsions and griping, and it expels rectal worms. Taken as a drink with wine it is good for those who have defective kidneys and difficulty meiendi[urination]...

Iris - Iris germanica -after Faguet -- 1891 PDF - Free downloads - Not for resale

The Herbal Of Dioscorides The Greek
Book One: Aromatics

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A new English translation by T.A.Osbaldeston.
Introductory notes by R.P.Wood.
First Edition, 2000.
Published by IBIDIS Press, Johannesburg, South Africa.
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