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The Herbal Of Dioscorides The Greek
Book Five: Wine

Tess Anne Osbaldeston,
translator and editor

We have given an account, most loving Areius, in the four books written before, of spices, oils, ointments, and of trees and their fruits and gums; and furthermore of living creatures, of honey, milk and fats, and of those called corn and vegetables, and a full discussion about roots, herbs, juices and seeds. In this, the last of the whole work, we will discuss wines and metallic things, beginning with the tract concerning the vine.

The Effects of Wines
Generally, all unmixed and simple wine (hard by nature) is warming, easily digested and good for the stomach. It encourages the appetite, is nourishing, induces sleep, and causes a good colour.

Grape vine - Vitis vinifera - FAGUET 1888 PDF - Free downloads - Not for resale
The Herbal Of Dioscorides The Greek
Book Five: Wine

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First Edition, 2000.
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